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Virtue Medicine Iowa City Anke Bellinger MDDo you feel off track in life?

Do you want to feel physically and mentally vibrant again?

Reclaim the experience of being in alignment with your own life and purpose!

Dr. Bellinger offers a thorough understanding of how lifestyle impacts whole-person health, based on the core principles of Functional Medicine. She offers clarity and education in her coaching, for client insight and empowered responsibility for physical and spiritual fulfillment, both in today’s purpose in life and in preparation for future growth and change.  Following careful assessment and recommendations for a wellness plan, Dr. Bellinger’s Lifestyle Medicine Coaching supports her clients to make the changes they are ready to implement, from nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress reduction, and reduction of inflammation, to spiritual modalities including energy medicine, journaling, meditation, hypnosis and guided imagery.

For deep listening and specialized care at the highest standards of Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, call The Bellinger Clinic now at 319.338.5190.

About Dr. Bellinger

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Virtue Medicine Iowa City Anke Bellinger American Board of Anesthesiology

  • Phone: 319-338-5190

    Bellinger Clinic Hours
    Thursdays and Fridays
    8:00 am to 5:00 pm

    Alternating Saturdays
    8:00 am to noon

    Reception Hours
    9:00am to 5:00pm

  • $300 –  90-minute Initial Coaching Evaluation
    –  75-minute Coaching Return Appointment 
    $120 –  45-minute Coaching Return Appointment
    $40/15 minutes  –  Paperwork, phone/emails for established patients minimum $25 charge

  • Licensed to practice in Iowa, with over two decades of specialty practice, two medical board-certifications, and a certification in Functional Medicine, Anke Bellinger MD has a vast experience in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. Many patients suffer from chronic pain that does not respond to medications or injections. For these patients Dr. Bellinger offers a special chronic pain coaching track (no medical or interventional treatment options) that includes addressing methods to rewire the pain perception through release of old patterns, journaling, forgiveness, gratitude, short meditations or visualizations to find through new core alignment a vibrant pain-free body.

    Dr. Bellinger’s training and compassionate approach serves her patients with the best holistic pain care in the Midwest.

    $460  –  Our Recommended Starting Point and Best-Value:  90-minute Medical Evaluation and two 45-minute follow-up appointments.  Must be used within 60 days.
    –  90-minute Initial Evaluation
    –  75-minute Coaching Appointment 
    $120 –  45-minute Coaching Appointment
    $120  –  60 minute Acupuncture or Hypnosis, First Treatment
    $90  –  45 minute Acupuncture or Hypnosis Follow-up
    $100  –  Frequency Specific Microcurrent Treatment
    $40/15 minutes  –  Paperwork, phone/emails for established patients minimum $25 charge