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Virtue Medicine Iowa City Anke Bellinger MDAre you trying to cope with chronic disease and body distress?

Do you suffer from back pain, neck pain, muscular pain, migraines, or diabetic neuropathy?

Dr. Anke Bellinger’s Functional Medicine Clinic offers highly personalized treatments to address root causes of chronic inflammatory conditions of many types, with a specialization in conditions of chronic pain.  Not a primary care physician, but a highly-trained specialist in Pain Medicine and Functional Medicine, Dr. Bellinger will conduct a full medical examination, review your medications and past treatment strategies, and work alongside your current health care team and with your primary care physician to create an individualized and evidence-based treatment plan based on the principles of Functional Medicine.  Follow-up appointments will continue the healing journey with specialized treatments and coaching in implementation of Functional Medicine principles for a healthier life.

Are you willing to make changes to bring back your quality of life?  Are you ready for symptom relief and healing?

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