Bellinger Pain Clinic

Virtue Medicine Iowa City Anke Bellinger MDAre you trying to cope with ongoing pain? 

Do you have pain conditions that are puzzling your doctors, or medical therapies that are not bringing you the relief that you need? 

Are you ready to investigate evidence-based therapies that help you move away from medications?

The Bellinger Pain Clinic offers specialized medical evaluations and treatment plans to address root causes of chronic inflammatory conditions of many types, with a specialization in chronic pain.  Certified in both Pain Medicine and in Functional Medicine, Dr. Anke Bellinger provides a full medical evaluation and history review, working cooperatively with her patients’ health care teams to create a medical treatment plan that addresses the root causes of ongoing pain. She personally provides the recommended medical treatments and therapies to offer relief from ongoing distress towards a healthier life.

For deep listening and specialized care at the highest standards of medical practice and pain specialization, call The Bellinger Clinic now at 319.338.5190

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Virtue Medicine Iowa City Anke Bellinger American Board of Anesthesiology