What to Expect at the Bellinger Pain Clinic


Are you ready to start your journey towards a healthier life?

To begin, please set aside 60 minutes before your first appointment to fill out the intake forms, which will be emailed to you. The initial consultation fee covers Dr. Bellinger’s time and attention to your detailed health care history and the clinic visit.

The first appointment will involve a complete physical exam, an in-depth medical history and lifestyle analysis, and viewing image studies if available. The goal is to identify and address the root causes of your chronic pain.

In collaboration with Dr. Bellinger, you will establish goals and create an individualized care plan based on Functional Medicine. The plan focuses on maximizing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle including suggestions about food, movement, sleep, and stress reduction. Lab tests may be ordered. Dr. Bellinger offers to build a partnership that allows coaching towards lasting changes.

Do not expect to have medications prescribed.

The medical goal is to improve pain with simple changes in lifestyle.

After the initial consultation, you will receive additional handouts to guide you through your personalized plan, along with information to pass on to your insurance provider.

Follow up with Dr. Bellinger is offered 2-4 weeks after the first appointment.  Dr. Bellinger is happy to collaborate with other medical providers to help optimize your treatment strategy.