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Cynthia Wimberly, PhD

Cynthia-Wimberly-PhDMeaning-Centered Brief Counseling
for the Children of Health Care Providers

Cynthia Wimberly, PhD has over forty years of experience working with children, adolescents and parents in both public schools and private settings in Texas.  She recently retired in 2018 as Chair of the Department of Counseling at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, has stayed active in the field and joining us during this public health need to help the children of our medical providers. 

Dr. Wimberly’s research interests include the areas of meaning, values, leadership and school counseling, especially as these apply to the school age population.  She is a Diplomate Clinician and very active Teaching Faculty in the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, where she serves as Vice-President and mentor to those training in this meaning-centered approach. She has received numerous awards in her work in Logotherapy , including the Joseph B. Fabry Founder’s Award given in June 2019 from the Viktor Frankl Institute.

Dr. Wimberly provides an eclectic approach to her counseling work with children, and in keeping with the commitments of Logotherapy, supports the development of healthy, age-appropriate responsibility with cognitive and behavioral strategies and encouragement to grow, even in times of suffering. 

This short-term counseling intervention of 4-7 sessions focuses on the caring encouragement and stabilization of stressed children from the ages of 12 through high school.

  • “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms
    —to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

    -Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning



    $250 – New Client, 60-minute Initial Evaluation with Family via private Zoom
    $775 – Package of three 60-minute follow-ups online, via private Zoom
    $45 for 10 minutes for email, phone contacts and paperwork requests
    $80 for 15-20 minute quick Zoom check-ins

    Because children and young people process life differently than do adults, Dr. Wimberly provides age-appropriate counseling interventions for the adolescent children of providers that are different from one might be used for the adults in their lives.  This child-focused, person-centered interaction allows young people to explore and focus on the issues that they are ready to tackle. Based on a Meaning-Centered approach shaped by the child’s own values, different methods of addressing the issues and defining the goals are discussed. In this caring and nurturing therapeutic space, young people can learn to access their personal strengths to overcome the challenges they face. Guardians/parents are an essential part of this process and will be involved in the process; the overarching goal is to help the children/adolescents find the strength to live a life of resiliency, hope, and authenticity. 

    Before she meets with the child/adolescent, an initial session will be scheduled with involved guardians/parents.  Open communication between the guardians and the counselor is vital for success.  However, Dr. Wimberly believes it is also very important for the children to feel they can trust the counselor to keep any information confidential. This is in no way meant to exclude the parents/guardians from the process. Instead, it is a much more beneficial way to deal with the issues by providing the children/adolescents with the confidence that the parents/guardians support them in the sessions.

    Creating the security to express their concerns and the opportunity to explore solutions in an age-appropriate way, children/adolescents find the strength to live a life of resiliency, hope, and authenticity. Parents/guardians are an essential part of this process and will be involved in the process.

    Dr. Wimberly is not an in-network provider for health insurance panels. 
    More information about the direct-pay practices of Virtue Medicine clinics can be found in our information pages.