Distress Debriefing Groups

Exposure to crisis or catastrophic events demands rapid and decisive responses. Threats to life or workplace safety, fear, horror, helplessness, grief and loss are unavoidable for those in human service. The commitment to stand firm in such experiences can be both a source of professional pride, satisfaction and deep meaning, as well as a risk for compassion fatigue, burnout, trauma and distress. Professionals need a confidential space to reconnect, process, breathe, and allow their burdens to be lifted, for their own individual health and the health of their organizations.

At Virtue Medicine, our Acute Distress Debriefing Groups provide that much-needed confidential and interdisciplinary assistance to groups that need to process crisis situations and deep distress in order to maintain their health and function.

With customized interventions, we ease strong emotions, provide rituals for honoring loss, build resiliency, invite reflection, and work to knit the community back together. We invite every individual to be deeply heard and supported, and the group to regain cohesiveness and courage by sharing that experience together in a caring, mutually respectful process. The outcome of this connectivity and care is an affirmation of shared vision, values, and purpose, with fresh courage and hope for meaningful human life and service.

Comprehensive whole person care is a mission of Virtue Medicine, and our Acute Distress Debriefing Groups will be designed to respect the culture and diversity of the organization, to optimize a successful group experience. After consulting with the organization’s leadership to design the distress debriefing intervention, we create a safe and therapeutic space to care for the community in distress.

Fee: $2500, includes initial consult with leadership, followed by up to 4 hours of group-work, in shorter sessions or as a single half-day workshop.

Call for additional assistance: 319-338-5190 or Request our Professionalism Programs Brochures