Scott A. Jones, DPT, CSCS

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Neuromuscular Integrative Medicine is a whole-person physical rehabilitation field that cultivates both external and internal healing for the neurological-musculoskeletal interface of human flourishing. Dr. Scott Jones is at the forefront of this discipline with over two decades of experience in the healing practices of overcoming persistent pain, chronic injury, fatigue, and optimizing functional movement.

Dr. Jones is a doctor of physical therapy and certified strength and conditioning specialist, yoga instructor, and breathwork instructor who has been advancing orthopedic and neuromuscular integrative medicine in physical rehabilitation, athletic performance, and injury prevention throughout his career, including leadership as Director of Integrative Health and Wellness Clinics while serving in the United States Air Force. 

Drawing on training and expertise in both eastern and western traditions of movement and wholeness, Dr. Jones’s curious and compassionate demeanor has led him down a path of physical assessment and guidance that takes nothing for granted when considering your deepest healing needs. He integrates his certifications in orthopedics, yoga, strength and conditioning, breath-work, functional dry-needling, and manual therapy to create a truly focused and individualized plan. A lifetime student of the healing arts, Dr. Jones discerns connections and creates restorative pathways that others have missed. His data-driven and systematic methodology creates a clear path to success no matter your current abilities.

In motu vita est.”  In movement, there is life. 

Dr. Jones will meet you right where you are.  Find Answers. Move Forward.



    Whether you’re a performance-driven professional or athlete, or you have aspirational goals for full body-mind wellness and growth, we are focused on helping you with an empirically-based understanding of your capacities to create a strategy and habits for achieving your desired results. Dr. Jones has eyes-on-you listening, data gathering and analysis. Therapeutic prescriptions include clips from his own video-library for focused interventions. Get clear on the root causes of your challenges. Use your individualized plan to decrease risk and recover faster. Achieve more and optimize your outcomes.

    Systematic Data-Driven Evaluation * Overcome Barriers * No Shortcuts * Prevent Injury * Accelerate Performance

    15 Minute Screening for New Clients, Online by Zoom – no cost.  Contact Reception at 319-338-5190 or email us through the NEW CLIENT CONTACT FORM

    $300 – Initial Session, 75 minutes, Rapid-Triage and Recovery Intervention for Acute Problems

    $250 – 60-minute follow-up sessions, with ongoing diagnostic assessment of root causes of movement and breath dysfunction or risks for injury, with therapeutic interventions for optimizing performance, fine-tuning functioning and injury-prevention

    $250/60 minutes for any other services, billed in 5 minute increments for additional care, email, phone/Zoom contacts and video-instruction requests.

    Dr. Jones is not an in-network provider for health insurance panels.  More information about the direct-pay clinic practices of Virtue Medicine clinics can be found in the information pages.