Scott A. Jones, DPT, CSCS

Scott-A-Jones-DPT-CSCSPeak Health and Performance, LLC

3-MINUTE Intro Video of Dr. Jones

Scott Jones, DPT is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who has been leading orthopedic and neuromuscular integrative medicine in physical rehabilitation, athletic performance, and injury prevention for two decades, including serving as Director of Integrative Health and Wellness Clinics in the United States Air Force. 

As a unique interdisciplinary movement specialist, Scott’s work is focused on a Durability Index. Are you balanced and functional, or injury and fatigue prone?  Dr. Jones will optimize resistance to physical stress, fatigue or pain by systematically identifying and addressing individual obstacles to peak performance, problematic habits, and injuries.

Simply put, Dr. Jones helps clients find and eliminate the energy leaks of the body, resulting in greater efficiency and resourcefulness of the unique physical tools and abilities that every person intrinsically possesses for their flourishing. This results in better focus and performance, increased energy, and faster recovery.

In motu vita est.” In movement, there is life.  

These Integrative Movement Clinics bring that powerful awareness back to a mindful, whole-person way of living. 

  • ALL SERVICES by ZOOM! Immediate appointments reserved for our front-line health care providers.

    15 Minute Screening for New Client – no cost. 
    Contact Reception at 319-338-5190 or NEW CLIENT CONTACT FORM  Dr. Jones is also available at: 

    Made for you – a 3 minute video, by Dr. Scott Jones. PPE *is* a HAZARD to your health!
    Your body is talking to you under that PPE. Time to listen!



    **The provider’s breathing and body-holding under PPE and in the current public health crisis is highly activating to the sympathetic nervous system with muscle tension, fatigue and pain. We can help.

    Sustainability and Durability requires intentional correction of these habits.

    Autogenic-Training-Breathwork-Scott-Jones-CSCSBreathwork for Autogenic Training and Sympathetic Calming, Online by Zoom 
    Includes a careful biomechanical screening, guided corrections, and personalized prescription for practice

    Single session, 60 minutes – $150
    Package of three sessions – $400

    Strong-Doctors-Scott-Jones-CSCSdoctor-care-scott-jones-cscsMovement Performance Coaching Clinic, Online by Zoom

    $300 – Initial Session, 75 minutes, Rapid-Triage and Recovery Intervention for Acute Problems
    – 60-minute follow-up sessions, with ongoing diagnostic assessment of root causes of movement and breath dysfunction or risks for injury, with therapeutic interventions for optimizing performance, fine-tuning functioning and injury-prevention

    Doctor-Care-Scott-Jones-CSCSOther Integrative Movement Coaching Services
    Online by Zoom, Email and Phone Consults

    $250/60 minutes billed in 5 minute increments for additional care, email, phone/Zoom contacts and video-instruction requests

    Contact or call 319-338-5190

    Dr. Jones is not an in-network provider for health insurance panels.  More information about the direct-pay clinic practices of Virtue Medicine clinics can be found in the information pages.