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Elizabeth S. Parks, Ph.D.

Elizabeth-Parks-PhDElizabeth S. Parks, MA, PhD is a communication scholar with a history of research and teaching in Listening, Dialogue, Diversity and Ethics. She focuses on how to promote community well-being in her classrooms, engaged scholarship, and mentoring relationships. A specialist in culture, disability, race & ethnicity, and multilingualism, she has many years of working with a variety of cultural and service communities in dozens of countries around the world. Currently she teaches others how to listen in more creative ways, focusing on the communication challenges that are found in Higher Education and community care. She trains people in multicultural interviewing and focus group skills, personalized cross-cultural adaptation, interpersonal communication in border/third-culture spaces, and is currently pursuing ground-breaking research in how to promote digital being and well-being in our organizational spaces, especially through intentional listening to each other stories. She brings theory and practice of listening to the curriculum as a clinically critical component of building insight and resilience both intra- and inter-personally.

Ethics of Listening: Creating Space for Sustainable Dialogue (2019) by Dr. Parks

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