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Janeta Honey Fields
Janeta's Bee Hives

2020 – Janeta’s Hobby Honey

Welcome to our family’s small labor of love for the planet.

This RAW, unheated, gravity-filtered honey is from our own hives, which we keep by a sweet little farm pond and on acres of timber and wildflowers in Louisa County. These very spoiled bees were the picture of bliss this summer, as content and healthy as we’ve ever seen. 

Every year is a little different for our apiary-adventures, which have been going for almost a decade now.  In 2020, we had five happy hives going, and now they’re buttoning down for the winter. We personally collect and bottle our honey, and this year’s harvesting from the end of August yielded about 200 pounds, and just in time for our autumn and holiday seasons. Because it is raw and lightly filtered, it will crystallize with time. A little warm water bath will get it back to liquid, or use it in crystallized form too!

We are making pints available for local delivery (Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty), or by arranged pick-up at our downtown Iowa City office on Fridays. Just let us know in the comments section of the shopping cart how best to get this to you, and we’ll text you with final details. We do not offer mailing for our honey jars.

Pint jars are $15 each, with $2 delivery fee for each delivery address, or free pre-arranged pick-up at our office in the Plaza Towers, downtown Iowa City.  

$5 from every pint is being donated to the Shelter House in Iowa City.


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