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General Information

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Scheduling and Executive Assistant Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00
IMPORTANT Information for After-Hours/Weekends:
We are a consulting practice with business hours Monday-Friday.
There is no 24/7 call coverage for urgent health care.

Safety and emergency plans are discussed with all patients, including having established primary care providers and utilizing emergency and urgent care services in our community.  All patients have consented to this limited-access practice format at the time of initiating care, as specified in our initial intake process and agreements, with safety planning including:  calling 911, the 24-hour Iowa City Crisis Line at (319) 351-0140, the 24-hour Cedar Rapids Foundation 2 Crisis Line at (319) 362-2174, or presenting to the nearest emergency room. 

  • We can’t wait to welcome everyone back to our lovely reception area, to have a cup of tea and pick up a book or rest in stillness.

    But while we’re in remote-mode for public health needs, remember that space is held not only by physical places but by heart-centered intentions. Join us in our shared visualization for a gentler pace of self-care and reflection. Call us, and experience our welcome through the other ways we give kindness.

    In our physical space, our second-floor suite and restrooms are all disability-accessible, with building elevators and a covered walkway from the 3-East level of the Burlington and Linn St. parking ramp.

    Our Reception Area
    Anna Evans, Executive Assistant
    Dr. Tamara Frembgen-Kesner, Executive Assistant