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Access standardized personality and aptitude tests with expert applications. 

Virtue Medicine Iowa City Professionalism Strength-Finding Psychological AssessmentsMany of our clients find that coupling coaching presence with standardized assessments and experienced interpretation can really clarify opportunities for growth and advancement.  Our thoughtfully-designed packages accomplish this. Each package focuses on specific phases of life and career and the challenges that come with them.  These might include an educational or career transition such as choosing a college major or one’s first job, or improving interpersonal and leadership skills, or preparing for a pivot in a career for better opportunities.  For these and other personal and professional challenges, our packages use empirical assessments to create a deeper understanding of strengths, interests, values, and aptitudes.  This brings positive change!

We are experienced in the use of the assessments listed here, and our packages are designed for the coaching areas that are the most requested.  If you are looking for something very specific for your growth that is not well matched to one of our coaching packages, please contact us and we will happily consider how best to meet your unique needs.

Because these assessment packages do not include medical or mental health history, assessment or diagnosis, no health insurance claims forms are provided. Individuals with co-existing mental health concerns are invited to schedule a health care appointments with our mental health providers, if the assessments are intended to be woven into medical or psychological needs.