Fee Schedule

  • All services at Virtue Medicine utilize a direct-pay model, in which our clients pay for the services that they have scheduled and received at the time the care is provided.  Both credit/debit cards and cash are accepted for payments at the time of service, and checks will be accepted from established clients.  

    While we understand that the billing practices of this office will not fit every person’s needs, this model of care ensures that we are able to provide the highly personalized level of integrative care in which we specialize. A transparent fee schedule means that doctor time is given to individualized client services rather than negotiating treatment plans or collecting on contracts with insurance companies. This protects the option of complete privacy for our clients’ medical information, which we do not send to insurance companies for payment-in-return.

    Our office is committed to creating a safe, therapeutic environment for focused growth and healing.  As professionals, we are passionate participants in conversations about the ethics and politics of health care reform and client advocacy.

  • Our Health Care Clinics do not participate with insurance panels or Medicaid, and full payment is due at the time of service at the rates listed on our fee schedule. When medical services with a medical diagnosis have been provided, we have itemized receipts with billing and diagnostic codes available for clients, if reimbursement from insurance companies or documentation for healthcare flexible spending accounts is being sought.

    Our patients are strongly encouraged to speak with their insurance companies in advance of scheduling their first appointment, so that they are aware of their policy requirements and limitations (contact information will be on the back of the insurance card). Your insurance provider may have restrictions for mental health or specialty medical services, or may require a referral from your primary care physician before you initiate health care at Virtue Medicine. 

    If you are uncertain about your health insurance coverage policies, it may be helpful to ask your insurer these questions:

    Do I have out-of-network benefits to see a doctor whose office practice is not on your doctor panel?

    Do I need my primary care provider to refer me to see an out-of-network doctor before I am eligible for reimbursement?

    Do I have a deductible that I have to meet before being eligible for reimbursement?

    How much will I be reimbursed for each appointment?

    Are there limits to the number of sessions I can submit for reimbursement in a calendar year?

    What steps do I need to follow to apply for reimbursement?

    Please be aware that there are insurance companies that may list our doctors by name as participating providers due to previous or ongoing work with other health care organizations. Our doctors’ clinics at Virtue Medicine do NOT participate in any insurance panels, and companies that provide contrary information to their policy-holders or the public are in error.

    Patients will want to be sure they understand their insurance policy provisions for NON-PARTICIPATING PROVIDERS, as this is the status that is applicable to all of our doctors’ health care practices at Virtue Medicine.  

  • Dr. Tansey and Dr. Cartaya have opted out of Medicare, meaning that they may accept patients with Medicare only if our Medicare-eligible patients volitionally enter into a private pay contract stipulating that neither party will submit medical charges to Medicare.  Medicare-eligible patients must review and sign the contract prior to initial scheduling, which can be found on our Forms page.

    Dr. Bellinger has not opted out of Medicare, and is not currently accepting Medicare patients for Functional Medicine appointments.  However, Medicare patients can obtain therapies from Dr. Bellinger that are not covered by Medicare, including Acupuncture and Frequency Specific Microcurrent, under her direct-pay fee schedule.  Please speak with our front desk for more information.

  • The Coaching Clinics of Dr. Tansey and Dr. Cartaya do not use medical diagnosis or medical therapies to shape the care plan, but rather a conversation and collaboration to support and facilitate personal/professional growth, aligned with the ethical and professional standards of the International Coaching Federation.

    Because a medical diagnosis and medical interventions are required for submitting services to health insurance, coaching is not eligible for insurance reimbursement.  As a wellness service, its eligibility for healthcare spending accounts is subject to compliance with IRS guidelines and restrictions, the understanding of which is the full responsibility of our clients.

  • Integrative Psychiatry Clinic for Adults
    **Dr. Tansey is not accepting new patients to her psychiatry clinic at this time.  Please call to inquire about her waiting list.

    $550 –  New Adult Patient, 90-minute Psychiatric Evaluation 
    $285 – 50 minute follow-up medical and psychotherapy appointment
    $450 – 80 minute follow-up medical and psychotherapy appointment
    $180 – 30 minute follow-up medical and psychotherapy appointment
    $90/15 minutes for phone contacts and paperwork requests

    Coaching Clinic
    –  Individual Coaching
    $1500/package –  Targeted Leadership Coaching with Assessments.  Click here for more details on this popular package.

    Specialty Coaching
    –  Executive Coaching for Organizations, Leadership, Professionalism
    $200 – Administrative Consultation, focused on needs-assessment or triage for organizations, with up to 30 minutes of consultation with Dr. Tansey

    Specialty Consultation Services
      –  Independent Adult Psychiatric Evaluation
    $360/hour – Worker’s Compensation Psychiatric Treatment
    $360/hour – Research Consultation
    $360/hour – Bioethics Consultation

  • COACHING (ages 16+) 
    $210/hour—Individual Coaching, or as Coaching Packages with Strengths-Finding Assessments
    $360/hour – Advocacy-Track and Organizational Coaching

    Initial Appointment (age 18+)
    $315/90 minutes
    Adult Psychotherapy Services  $210/$262.50/$315  –  60/75/90 minutes
    Paperwork or Phone/Emails for Established Psychotherapy Clients – $52.50/15 minutes, with a minimum $17.50 charge.
    No new clients are currently being accepted for child psychotherapy or family therapy.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING  Printable Flyer Psychological Testing
    **Dr. Cartaya does not offer psychological testing for Forensic Cases, Child Custody or Divorce Proceedings, or Neurological Conditions such as brain injuries, neurocognitive disorders, and dementia, and focuses her expertise on the clinical conditions listed below.
    Initial Appointment (grades K-12, or Adult) 
    $210/60 minutes, to clarify and evaluate clinical concerns prior to a testing recommendation
    Attention Deficit Disorders Testing:  K-12 $1575, Adult $1350
    Learning Conditions Testing: 
    K-12 $2450, Adult $2100
    Personality Testing for Diagnostic Clarification (age 16+)

    The final total may vary, depending on whether data gathered during the actual testing suggests additional assessments would improve the clarity of the findings.  The package costs of the assessments must be paid prior to scheduling testing dates, and the final total balance must be paid at the time of the last session with Dr. Cartaya.  No reports will be released until the balance is paid in full.  

    Report-Writing for Psychological Testing Clients – for any additional reports or integrated findings beyond the standard initial report:  $52.50/15 minutes, with a minimum $50 charge

    OTHER SERVICES (adults only)
    Civil Law Cases or Independent Psychological Evaluations, $325/hour
    Worker Compensation Cases, Psychological Treatment, $235/hour

  • $460  –  Our Recommended Starting Point and Best-Value:  90-minute Medical Evaluation and two 45-minute follow-up appointments.  Must be used within 60 days.
      –  90-minute Initial Medical Evaluation
      –  75-minute Medical Return Appointment with Procedure of Acupuncture or Hypnosis
    $120  –  45-minute Medical Return Appointment
    $120  –  60 minute Acupuncture or Hypnosis, First Treatment
    $90    –  45 minute Acupuncture or Hypnosis Follow-up
    $100    –  Frequency Specific Microcurrent Treatment
    $40/15 minutes  –  Paperwork, phone/emails for established patients–minimum $25 charge