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  • All services at Virtue Medicine utilize a direct-pay model of care. In addition to checks and credit cards accepted through office reception, we also use online invoicing for some clients – especially those using teleconferencing who may not be coming in to the office in person. First appointments must be pre-paid in order to reserve the appointment slot.

    While we understand that the billing practices of this office will not fit every person’s needs, this model of care ensures that we are able to provide the highly personalized level of integrative care in which we specialize. A transparent fee schedule and immediate collection means that provider and reception time is given to taking care of our clients’ needs instead of emails and paperwork for collecting on contracts, or the obstacles and audits practiced by for-profit insurance companies. 

    Our practices are committed to creating a safe, therapeutic environment for focused growth and healing.  As professionals, we are passionate participants in conversations about the ethics of health care reform and client advocacy.