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To make a payment, click below:

  • All services at Virtue Medicine utilize a direct-pay model. Since we went all-remote in March 2020 (We miss seeing your faces in person!), we have been sending invoices to our clients’ email accounts, which can click-through to PayPal for payments or you can call us at the office and we will run your card remotely. Checks will also be accepted from established clients.  Or, the PayPal button above can be used to enter in a payment; just note the provider and date of service being paid.

    While we understand that the billing practices of this office will not fit every person’s needs, this model of care ensures that we are able to provide the highly personalized level of integrative care in which we specialize. A transparent fee schedule and immediate collection means that provider and reception time is given to taking care of our clients’ needs instead of emails and paperwork for collecting on contracts, or the obstacles and audits practiced by for-profit insurance companies. 

    Our office is committed to creating a safe, therapeutic environment for focused growth and healing.  As professionals, we are passionate participants in conversations about the ethics and politics of health care reform and client advocacy.