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The four ethicists on our teaching team, all with doctoral-level training in ethics, have decades of collective experience supporting a variety of organizations, hospitals and clinics, non-profit groups and ministry, higher education and many in the helping professions. With particular specialties in bioethics and health care ethics, psychology and counseling ethics, policy and research ethics, and diversity and communication ethics, we are committed to interdisciplinary rigor and respectful dialogue, honoring the ethical commitments of every profession as we explore communication patterns, codes of conduct, boundaries and roles, virtuous practices and character, moral distress, humanism, responsibility and resilience. Our courses, curricula and lectures are always customized to the needs and culture of the individual or organization. 

20+ Topics to Tickle Your Brain

  • Ethics 101 | Value Theory for Professionals
  • Professional Roles | Boundary Crossings | Setting Limits
  • Professional Virtues | Compassion | Courage
  • Honesty | Truth-telling | Integrity
  • Conflict Management | Mediation | Hostility in Workplace
  • Authenticity | Parameters of Responsibility and Autonomy
  • Assessing and Optimizing Decision-Making Capacity
  • Competence in Active Listening | Whole-Person Hospitality
  • Giving “Bad” News | Disclosing Errors
  • Critical Skills in Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Spirituality and Faith Traditions | Practice Challenges
  • Personalized Service Plans for Marginalized Populations
  • Ethical Issues in Social Media Use
  • Internet and Information | Ethics of Privacy and Reputation
  • Burnout | Moral Distress | Cynicism | Demoralization
  • Organization | Time Management | Work Efficiency Practices
  • Professionals as Personalities | Shame | Narcissism | Anger
  • Helping Impaired Peers | Protecting the Profession
  • Humanities for the Professional Soul | Film and Literature
  • End-of-Life | Ethics of Pain Management and Sedation
  • Ethical Issues in Diagnosis | Genetics | Imaging | Treatments
  • Therapeutic Confidentiality | Duty to Warn | Duty to Report

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