M&M Rounds 2.0 Mindfulness and Meaning Training

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence
is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”  –C.G. Jung


M&M Rounds 2.0: Mindfulness and Meaning Training© by Dr. Janeta Tansey builds competencies in will-to-meaning and the use of character strengths,
for a mindful authenticity during the challenges of life. 


M&M Rounds 2.0© is a curriculum that emerges from Dr. Tansey’s interdisciplinary expertise.  Drawing from empirical work in Mindfulness, Meaning-Centered and Positive Psychology, and Psychiatry, and from philosophical Virtue Ethics, Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, the course invites participants to explore the perspective and techniques of mindful presence, attitudinal change, personal responsibility, and creative flourishing.  At its heart, M&M Rounds 2.0© is training for an optimistic humanism. Many of the practices taught in this training are empirically validated for promoting RESILIENCE and a whole-person response to the symptoms of burnout and demoralization. 

This interactive group curriculum is structured around six modules, each with a mindfulness exercise, expert scholarship and teaching, self-reflection and discussion, introducing the power of ethical and existential analysis for insight and responsibility.

Virtue Medicine Cairn MM2.0 1

I. Existential Authenticity
The Virtues of Courage,
for Will-to-Meaning and a Hero’s Journey

II. Owning Our Imperfections
The Virtues of Temperance,
for Living with Limitations and Finding the Middle Way

III. Cultivating Loving-Kindness
The Virtues of  Humanity,
for Resisting Alienation through Connections with Self and Other

IV. Response-Ability to Injustice and Oppression
The Virtues of Justice,
for Building Community and the Defiant Human Spirit

V. The Tragic Triad:  Suffering, Guilt, and Death
The Virtues of Transcendence,
for an Authenticity without Nihilism or Despair

VI. Discovering Meaning in the Moment
The Wisdom Virtues,
for Perceiving the Depth of Life and Creativity of Response

  • M&M Rounds 2.0© is designed as a 6-module curriculum for groups, and can be done serially in 60-75 minute sessions or in one full or two half-day workshops at your organization or in our studio. We also have offered this remotely with very positive participant feedback, using an online meeting platform. We have deliberately designed flexibility in the curriculum to facilitate a successful group experience, customizing to accommodate variable group makeup and sizes and time availability. If building high group cohesion is a priority, our experience is that smaller-sized groups (up to 15 people) best supports the vulnerability of discussion and sharing.

    Larger groups are offered a more didactic experience, with proportionally more use of self-reflection exercises over discussion, to optimize the experience for all. All groups are provided mindfulness and self-reflection exercises as part of the core curriculum.  Some groups choose to use additional readings to supplement the curriculum, such as Dr. Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.  Curricular content does provide 4 hours of continuing education in ethics, and a certificate of completion may be arranged at the time of scheduling if this documentation is desired.

  • Organization rate is $4500/group for 6 modules (each 60-75 minutes), plus $50/per person for the course packet and Values-in-Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS) and Pathways Report. The VIA is completed at each participant’s own time and convenience through a private online portal before the group begins. Additional travel-time charges and travel expenses will be pre-arranged for locations outside of Iowa City.

    Professional groups (up to 15 persons) that are interested in building greater community, morale, and team performance have the option of adding the VIA Pro Team report for an additional $15/pp, which analyzes the unique configuration, strengths and growth opportunities of the group and its members, to be incorporated into the course discussion.

    Individuals from the general community who are interested in participating in these groups when scheduled at the Virtue Medicine Studio are invited to call our office to inquire on future dates. Cost of $499/person includes all course materials, VIA-IS and Report.

Call for additional assistance:  319-338-5190, or  Contact our Professionalism Programs Administrator