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Resilience Tools

9 total hours of training. 
for Health Care Providers, their teams, and First Responders

Burnout, Demoralization, Secondary Trauma, and Moral Distress

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Our faculty’s original 2.5-day Resilience Bootcamp has been pared down to SIX 90-minute modules, livestreamed in April-May 2020 and recorded for immediate viewing now!  This course is focused on Resilience, focused particularly on those in health care, using Positive Psychology (character strengths), Meaning-Centered Logotherapy, Virtue Ethics, and our faculty’s interdisciplinary experience in communication, health care, and ethics.  

The mini-bootcamp invites reflection to the building blocks of RESILIENCE, for survival and healing. Putting this into practice for ourselves, we can efficiently help our teams do the same in the way we talk, listen, and map out meaningful paths in each moment, even in suffering. 

Our faculty are interdisciplinary experts, each with over 20 years in field work and scholarship: Janeta Tansey, MD, PhD (Iowa – Bioethics, Psychiatry, Executive Coaching), Cheryl Erwin, JD, PhD (Texas – Bioethics, Health Law Scholar, Executive Coaching), Elizabeth Parks, MA, PhD (Colorado – Communication Ethics, Public Health). The Q&A section is facilitated by JoAnna Romero Cartaya, PhD (Iowa – Psychology, Ethics)

Originally livestreamed at $375 per person for all 6 modules, the recordings can be viewed for continuing education at any time.
Enter the coupon: resiliencenow for $200 off the original cost.


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All registrants will immediately receive Dr. Tansey’s M&M Rounds 2.0 Daily Prescription for Mindfulness and Meaning and access to all 9 hours of recordings.

  • Some of the hard questions we are holding in health care today:.

    What does courage look like in the battlefield ethics of medical crisis? Are the military-war metaphors the right ones for this time, or do they miss something important?

    Is there any possibility of peace (let alone sleep) when no matter how hard I try, my limitations result in others’ possible or actual suffering? What do I do when I can’t help but imagine the harms coming from tasks undone?

    How do I triage emotional labor when the whole world needs care? Is there any cure to compassion fatigue?

    How do I cope with this terrible grief? In all of this direct and secondary trauma, how can I think about and nurture a semblance of Post-Traumatic Growth?  

    How do I cope with all the righteous anger I am feeling about everything that has gone wrong? Who is my “neighbor” when my many communities are all at risk simultaneously?

    How do I map a path through this sense of overwhelming futility? What do I do when being smart and well-educated doesn’t actually bring me the guidance I really need for what to do NOW?