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Healthcare Providers: Looking For Support During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Virtue Medicine Iowa City Services Professionalism Programs

Dr. Tansey has brought together her own trusted colleagues from around the country to immediately optimize the professional functioning of your clinical teams in the front lines of care.

Doctors *for* Doctors . . . And Nurses, First Responders and all Health Care Providers!

Protecting our health care workers is an immediate and sustained critical need in our public health arena. Our team focuses on the rapid-response care of emotional, physiological, mental, spiritual, and moral distress of doctors and their immediate circle. This includes available counseling for doctors’ older children at home, knowing that peace-giving to the family enhances provider resilience and focus.

Each of us has over 20 years of leadership, scholarship, and individual field/clinical work. All highly trained and experienced specialists in our own integrative practices, we have long-standing connections with each other and share a passionate philosophy of whole-person health.

The stability, loyalty, and humanism of our team will enhance the steadiness and strength of yours.

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All appointments are by Zoom and with weekend and evening hours available.

Access to our elite team is either through contracted organizational arrangements or is scheduled directly with the doctors. In return we offer responsive, accessible and disciplined focus for our clients, all of whom unquestionably deserve the best care possible in real-time.

Look at our qualifications, scopes of practice and boots-on-ground experience and it is uncontestable:

Our doctors bring your doctors the very best.

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Some of our providers can also be directly contacted at their emails listed below.

Virtue Medicine – Doctors *for* Doctors